Do you offer the same menu as in the restaurants?

Except for some items that are inappropriate for delivery, most of our menus are available. Menu prices for McDelivery can be different from the prices at restaurants. Also, discounts or promotions that are underway at restaurants may not apply to McDelivery. You can check our McDelivery menus by clicking the 'Menu' tab.

Can I order McLunch menu?

Unfortunately, we do not offer McLunch on McDelivery. Please visit our restaurants from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. for our McLunch Value Meals.

How much is the McDelivery minimum order requirement?

According to the minimum order policy, MDS is provided for an order of 10,000 KRW or more. Provided, however, the minimum order price may vary according to region.

How can I find the price of McDelivery menu?

You can check price for each McDelivery menu once you place order through McDelivery site. The price may vary between McDelivery and in-store purchase.

What are your delivery hours?

We offer 24 hour delivery services for all but a few of our restaurants. Please understand that your order may be changed or cancelled in some situation for reasons including a lack of ingredients etc., in which case you will be contacted. The delivery service can be suspended, limited and/or delayed under adverse weather conditions for the safety of our riders. Also, certain menus may be unavailable during designated hours, as we routinely clean our equipment to maintain the highest of quality for our food.

How much time does it take for McDelivery to arrive after ordering?

We try to deliver as fast as possible to meet your needs. Please refer to the "Track Order" system on this website as it will give you an approximate time of delivery.

Is McDelivery available across Korea?

Since 2007 when McDonald's became the first company to start delivery service in our industry, we have been striving to offer our convenient services to more customers. Currently 70% of our restaurants offer McDelivery. You can check on our corporate website, https://www.mcdelivery.co.kr/kr/ or register on this website to find out whether our delivery is available in your area. Please note that when a delivery order comes from public places including hotels, motels, internet cafés, and singing rooms, etc., we deliver only to the front desk.

Do you offer discount cards?

We do not offer discount cards or membership card benefits. McDonald's always strives to offer our customers the best value for money.

How can I use a coupon?

McDonald's digital coupons are allowed on our McDelivery website and McDelivery Call Center at 1600 5252.

Can I change or cancel my order after I make an order?

If you want to change or cancel order after placement, please contact our Call Center, 1600 5252.

Is there a limitation on McDelivery orders?

For large order over ₩89,000, McDelivery Call Center 1600 5252 will check with the store nearby your area about feasibility and call you for confirmation. Order can be successfully placed when confirmation call is completed.

Can I make my McDelivery order in advance?

McDelivery orders can be made up to 7 days in advance of your delivery date.

Can I get a cash receipt?

Cash receipts are available when you choose cash for payment type.

The screen won't turn on. How can I resolve this?

Please ensure that compatibility mode setting is not enabled for McDelivery site.
Open windows explorer > click internet options > On the compatibility tab, clear ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for.

Are we able to choose happymeal toys on McDelivery website?

You can make your own selection on happymeal toys by McDelivery website. In some cases toys may not be available, and be randomly delivered.

Still need help?
Please contact our McDelivery Call Centre at 1600 5252.

How does McDelivery™ Work?